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Projects / Architectural
One of several projects the NMC has promoted recently, the proposed commercial complex at Sitabuldi, in Nagpur, the architect endeavoured to create a complex that would be a departure from the existing ones, conforming more to the international trend in mall design.

The shopping & office complex is basically divided into 3 square blocks of different heights providing an interesting composition. Shopping is restricted to the more approachable first 3 floors of the complex with the offices located on the upper floors. The lower ground floor has been taken 1.6 m below the existing road level to accommodate the air-conditioned market. Climatically, this acts as a deterrent to the harsh Nagpur heat and reduces the load on the AHU thus improving the performance of the air-conditioning. The shops have been designed around an atrium at the centre of each square, shopping block. If viewed from the entrance the entire complex assumes a homogenous feeling and gives a sense of openness because of the atrium spaces within. The shopping complex is fitted with the most sophisticated materials including curtain walling, escalators, capsule lifts and the best of external and internall finishes.

Twin design alternatives were worked out for the Shopping mall at Jaipur, detailed in keeping with the latest trends in commercial premises design. In both cases, emphasis was laid on providing state-of-the-art amenities in a layout conducive to efficient and uncluttered circulation of goods, workers and customers.

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation had proposed to construct a commercial complex building to accommodate various commercial activities like shops, show rooms, offices etc. Thus, a well designed complex with an efficient layout with zoning of facilities likie offices, shops, hotels, banks and recreational facilities and moreover an element, which could synthesize all these together, was envisaged a sthe ideal solution. The commercial complex had been designed to reflect the characteristics of the main business district of any booming city. The complex comprises of 2 separate blocks in a basement + ground + 9 storey building having a built-up area of 70,000 sq. ft.. This commercial complex is a well-planned synthesis of the various functions that are integrated into a singe entity.