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About Us

In the world of competitive architectural practice, the name of Kalayojan LLP stands out prominently. Today, Kalayojan LLP is one of the leading architectural firms in India offering full services in all disciplines of this field with the promise of highest degree of quality and best prevalent standards of practice.


The organisation today holds a diverse portfolio of projects covering almost all aspects of architecture viz. institutional, residential (private and group housing), commercial, infrastructural, interior and landscaping. Our projects are located at Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and other states in India and outside India as well.


Each work a landmark for the client & each project a milestone.




Kalayojan LLP for over 2 decades has set standards of ethics and rationale for design practice. Today, Kalayojan LLP’s name is reckoned for competitive architectural designing and is synonymous with its simultaneous application of logic and play, a deep sense of proportions and an eye for detail in all works. In more recent years as a modernist orthodoxy has been revised, the firm has continued to move ahead in a field that has become both more aesthetically diverse and more geographically fluid. Presiding over a transition from instinctive design style to nation-wide design practice Kalayojan LLP is now also prepared to play in a global arena.




The architectural profession owes it to the world to respond to global conerns today – Climate change and global warming by making buildings that are energy efficient. An approach to architectural design involving a maximization of available natural resources, be they the site’s assets or local climatic advantages makes every Kalayojan LLP building a Green Building. We also make frequent use of alternative sources of energy, viz. windmills and solar power generators, for electrification of our buildings to further our efforts in practicing Green Architecture.


  • We maintain the highest standard of moral & ethical conduct
  • We focus on performance and building confidence with our clients
  • We are committed to preserving the environment
  • We promote creativity & innovation
  • We are committed to excellence in design & engineering
  • We follow best business practices


We follow a systematic approach in successfully executing all our client projects.


    Deep study and analysis of the site, client requirements and the context


    Constituting an appropriate team of architectural assistants and associate consultants in various related fields


    Developmental research and case studies of existing models of project/s similar to the given assignment/s


    Convincing our own self through various design sketches before presenting the concept to our clients


    Ensuring minimum cost out-lay even while designing a befitting architecture


    Conscious search for use of appropriate technology and material to suit our design concept


    Assisting the client in sourcing suitable construction agency and monitoring their work


Years Since Inception


Awards/ Media Recognition


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