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Appreciation Night of International Christian Worship Centre Project

Kalayojan's book: Showcasing Architecture works of over 30 years

Guest of Honor: Ar. Prem Nath at the Kalayojan book launch event

Principal Architect Sanjay Porwal at Book Launch event


Kalayojan, since its inception in 1986, has had an unremitting professional practice that seems to have perceptibly mitigated the passage of these 30+ years.  On a journey of growth from a modest 40 sq.ft Space to a full-fledged office having various verticals, Kalayojan has practised architecture with sincerity and commitment. Involved in various architectural and infrastructural projects from institutional campus as to large public buildings, bridges/flyovers, mass housing and other residential / office complex projects etc. Kalayojan has also participated & won in various National Architectural competitions.


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