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Engineering College, Karwar - Kalayojan
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Engineering College, Karwar

This campus is located in the western coastal region of India and had beautiful Konkan vistas which are captured by the architecture of this campus. One of the core principles in the design of this campus was to create ample outdoor, semi-open spaces for the students beyond the built environment. The natural topography of many raised platform-like masses is used as an advantage in design, this is seen in the master plan where three blocks are woven together to create a raised central connected open area. This area is also connected to the main entrance with large Spanish steps and covered ramps on either side. Due to the natural topography of the site, a naturally formed abuts this central open area. Outdoor functions such as canteen, play area etc. are planned to overlook this lake which adds a sense of calm in the campus.


The library building which is done in phase-2 also overhangs on this lake to create a naturally conducive environment for learning. Shades of yellow and blue were chosen to camouflage the building in the vast landscape. Architecturally all buildings respond to the climate and have large glazed openings and windows on the north side and have a secondary façade on the south west side to protect it from the harsh sunlight. The scale of the buildings have mindfully been kept to ground plus two floors to have continuous relationship with courtyards, vistas and other outdoor activities of the campus.




All, Architecture, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today), Institutional

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