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Interdenominational Cathedral, Nigeria - Kalayojan
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Interdenominational Cathedral, Nigeria

The Interdenominational cathedral is the largest single building project that is commissioned to our practice.


We received only one line brief from the client, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria that the cathedral was to be designed to sit 10,000 people. This site cathedral by its sheer size of sitting capacity of the worship would not be in any case less than an important pilgrim center and would unquestionably attract a lot of tourism too and would definitely make its mark in the world.


Considering the sheer size of cathedral, the infrastructure that would be required to cater to massive crowd as visitors was to be taken into account with respect to vehicular and pedestrian movement, drop off, pick up and parking facility and all modes of road transport including high security facilities for VIP’s and clergy.


Two radically different optional designs have thus been proposed.


UYO Capital City, Nigeria


All, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today)

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