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International Worship Centre, Uyo, Nigeria - Kalayojan
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International Worship Centre, Uyo, Nigeria

The proposed Uyo Cathedral is located on 37 acres site near the governor house on the main Bassay Way. The rectangular site has a slope of 10mt to 15mt from the road side at higher level sloping downwards at the rear end. The main entry access to site is located on top from the main road and the exit is from the bottom of site. There is a separate drop lane provided parallel to the main road having separate lanes for private cars, taxis, autos, busses and emergency services. There is an internal road 12mt wide one way provided all around the podium following the contour sloping and providing entry/ exit to the three parking levels below the podium/concourse achieved due the contour slope of the site.


The floor below the podium is the concourse which acts as a transition floor. There is direct pedestrian access from the drop off in to the concourse level. Further there are vertical transportation pods including staircase, lifts & escalators connecting the concourse to the podium at various points.


The overall pedestrian circulation of people into the cathedral is from parking levels or drop off into concourse to podium or via main entrance steps directly onto the podium leading to the cathedral. There is provision of direct access into cathedral by elevators for handicap, priests and the VIP. The overall circulation of people exiting the cathedral is from all the fire exit staircase blocks & lifts of the cathedral into the concourse floor thereafter leading on to the parking levels below or directly to the drop off/ pick up area adjoining the main road. In view of emergency there has been a provision of pedestrian ramps all around the concourse for easy evacuation of people onto the adjoining internal road. The concourse provides an option for the church goer to choose to spend time after service is over within the complex by visiting the museum, cafeteria, etc. and allows the cathedral trust to lent out /hold out events in the multipurpose space within thus generating enough revenue for the maintenance and upkeep of the entire premises.


All, Decade 3 (2010-today), Infrastructure

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