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Jumpin Heights - Extreme Adventure Sports Facility, Hrishikesh - Kalayojan
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Jumpin Heights – Extreme Adventure Sports Facility, Hrishikesh

‘Jumpin Heights’, initiated as a pilot project for the client, is a permanent base camp for extreme adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox and Canyon Swing located in the Mohanchatti peaks near Hrishikesh. Being a one of a kind design opportunity, this project required Kalayojan to involve itself in a thorough contour study of the site to choose and pick the locations ideally suited for each of the sports.


Executed in coordination with a technical team from New Zealand, Jumpin Heights has all three component sports located within human range of vision from a centrally located café and registration counter. The design of the café itself involved achieving an optimal balance between sophistication and time, budgetary and logistical restraints. A strict coordination was maintained between the structural and design team, the client and the site contractors throughout the duration of the project to facilitate decisions on materials, the logistics of transporting them and time and budget schedules.


Mohanchatti, Hrishikesh


All, Decade 3 (2010-today), Infrastructure

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