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Kala-Raj House, Marwar - Kalayojan
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Kala-Raj House, Marwar

The houses in Marwad typically characterize with narrow streets of 8 –10 ft with row house on both sides. Each house thus had very narrow frontage and with one or two courtyards within to allow conducive light and ventilation. This suited the local dry and extreme climate providing natural shade and insulation from extreme local climate. This aspect could not be challenged and hence was retained. The difference created vestibule approach from one room to another in the length of the house. A staircase was provided immediately after the entry into the house to lead to particular floors and a passage on its one side which enlarged as a courtyard in the middle was provided for ease of access and movement. A small courtyard was also provided towards the end of the house. An unusual front courtyard was also provided to give the house a little setback with a pargola feature at its roof level. This created a three dimension space which could be appreciated from the very narrow street.



Marwar, Rajasthan


All, Decade 3 (2010-today), Residential

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