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Megacoat Corporate Office - HQ - Kalayojan
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Megacoat Corporate Office – HQ


Megacoat, Nasik




Nasik is taking strides to become an important industrial hub of India, while at the same time trying to preserve its gift of natural wealth and an abundant green landscape. The industrial area of Ambad in Nasik is home to some of the leading industries in the city, one of which we collaborated with on our recent industrial design venture. Having earlier worked with our client, M/s Megacoat Surface Treatments LLP, we were summoned to redesign and recreate their spaces to be able to accommodate the growing needs of the client and as an expression of their current corporate status.

Consequently, every aspect of the project ranging from planning to interior styling was undertaken by Kalayojan’s team of architects. The site was two adjoining plots of 8900 sq mt each which were to be amalgamated to create one plot covering an expanse of 17,840sq mt. The existing ground storied factory on the old plot was to be retained and built over to house the new headquarter offices in the second phase to make it one combined unit.


In the second phase, the building that had been designed over twenty years ago had to be demolished and a new building was to be built to accommodate the growing factory expanse on the ground floor as also the corporate offices on the two upper floors.
Thus the construction of the Ground Floor + 2 unit, blessed with a majestic view of the hills began.


Layout and Circulation:


Megacoat is a surface treatment plant (nickel – chrome plating).


As soon as one enters the premises of the factory, one gets a feel for the clean, geometric proportions of the structure. The entrance itself is flanked by lush green trees, which instead of being cut down, were thoughtfully accommodated into the construction, adding value to the overall architecture. As one enters from the ground level, one is pleasantly greeted with the company logos and client list. A Zen garden below the staircase is inviting and makes for a good pause within the lobby space.
The shop floor for this industry was planned on the ground floor to facilitate systematic movement and ensure smooth loading and unloading of heavy goods.


The first floor of the new building is strategically linked to the first floor of the old building to ensure ease of communication between the senior and junior staff, save time and optimize effort. It houses the Managing Directors’ and other managers’ rooms, the conference room as well as the laboratory. The conference room on the first floor is an important space for client meetings, discussions and presentations. It was important to establish a good vibe and space to encourage people to work collectively.


The second floor of Phase 2 of the construction is exclusively designed as the Chairman’s office and is a personal space for the Senior Directors who’re also his family. It houses their rooms, lunch room, lounges and terrace gardens.


Visual Form and Architecture:


As with every project, our team undertook a thorough study of the location and requirement of the site. Based on the geographical directions of the site, a double skin was opted on two sides as it would naturally regulate the temperature indoors, keeping it pleasant and cooler. The vertical fins designed in the south and west directions act as sun-cutters and also create a play of light. These vertical fins are chrome plated metal pipes with square cross-section and a reflective surface.


The building maintains a clean, uncluttered layout and opts for a geometric form. The double skin gives the building a commercial feel, yet tactically uses open spaces created within the outer façade as areas to work and unwind. Balconies were created with a view of maintaining the temperatures and balancing the FSI.


A subtraction from this outer ‘box’ creates spaces for three terrace gardens. One terrace garden remains exclusive to the Chairman and Senior Directors while the one on the first floor is for the senior staff. The Lunch Room, hallway and third Senior Director’s office opens to the third terrace garden. In this geometrical play, the staircase is characteristic due to its congruent style and frame. The lifts too are kept transparent to provide visual contact with each floor while going up and down.


The reflective metal fins on dark grey walls add a contemporary aesthetic to the factory/ office building. An interesting idea was to add a dash of red to the terrace areas that breaks the monotony of the palette and adds to the overall aesthetic of the structure.




A blend of softscape with hardscape was sought for the project keeping in mind its architectural aesthetics. The distinct sections of green throughout the building work so well to uplift the vibe of the place and positively influence productivity. An example of this element of green tastefully introduced in the building is in the lobby area on the first floor.


The site is blessed with sprawling views of the mountains. Beautifully done terrace gardens with handpicked greenery and the soothing sound of a small waterfall affronting the central hallway which connects all the rooms on the second floor including their ante-cut lunch room complement the surrounding environment of the factory perfectly.


Site Development:


As is often seen with our projects, we make the effort to not just develop the site at hand but also work upon the immediate surroundings with a view to elevate the perception of the architecture. The parking area is equipped with covered parking for two wheelers and four wheelers. Well-laid roads and footpaths were developed around the site towards the end, keeping the site’s overall perception in mind.


Site Execution:


The client had made it clear that the factory work and office operations needed to go on uninterrupted through the process of redesigning and construction. This factor was taken into consideration while planning the layout. Consequently, the first floor over the old ground floor building was erected such that a part of old building could be demolished. The staff was shifted to this floor so they could continue working. As the construction work progressed, the Directors’ offices were later shifted to the new construction site. Efficient work management and design planning ensured minimum interference in the everyday functioning of the office.




The material palette is restricted to a dark flooring tile with warm tones of wood, natural Jaisalmer stone and plenty of greens. Wood left in its natural state exudes warmth into the space.


At the entrance, The reception table is custom made using green Indian marble and white engineered stone, an almost cubist inspired piece which occupies central space in the reception room. Above the reception table is a custom made light fixture which stands out as an element on the ceiling.


On the first floor, the well-equipped Laboratory, which is the company’s USP, is kept transparent to be easily seen by any visitor to the office. The stately 20-seater conference room is provided with four large specially detailed pivotable doors which give an illusion of height and also allow the central passage space to be flooded with natural light when the room is not in use. A stunning three cylinder support table in Teak Veneer and Brass detailing makes it the hero of the conference room. The managers’ cabin spaces are kept almost identical to maintain uniformity within the floor. Cabin facade is constructed in wood and glass so as to allow for permeability of light as well as movement in the passage.


The second floor is essentially the Chairman’s office. The Chairman loves to read and collect memorabilia’s from all around the world. His room is designed to make space for his collectibles, with a large teak wood and walnut veneer library shelf unit with a statuario marble tile cladding at the back. The custom made and intricately detailed table adds to the grandness of the space and becomes the only visibly large piece of furniture in the room. The blue shade of sofas and curtains with an adjoining green step-out to the terrace garden seen as a back drop to the room make a very soothing ambience. The terrace is designed to enjoy the hill view, the beautiful Nasik rains and to cut sun, glare, untidy factories and shanties around. This terrace is also elegantly shaded by a white saddle shaped canopy above.


The young Director’s (the Chairman’s daughter) room is more hip and trendier with an exposed brick wall to one side, a metal legged boomerang shape table and a bright neon sign saying ‘Got Guts’ .. the slogan of their extreme adventure sports division.. Jumpin Heights. The other Director (The Chairman’s wife) being an art aficionado and creative person herself, her office is a beautiful collage of prints, patterns, techniques and colours. A brick wall, a printed bench, a cane chest of drawers, a rugged work table are some of the elements that make this space quirky and vibrant- just like the user herself.


The ceiling in the passage is kept high, with an almost vaulted ceiling to give way to the height of these rooms.


The Dining / Den room is a space for the family members to sit together, pause and unwind. In the slightly more relaxed seating in the corner, the provision of music and a library bookshelf lends a casual atmosphere to this room . The stark blue wall in continuity with the colour scheme used in the MD’s cabin makes the space cohesive with the other room. This space again is oriented to face the beautiful terrace space such that one can walk out for a breather anytime.


Credits: Nishita Kamdar Studio (Interior Designing)




Megacoat Surface Treatments LLP

Built-up Area

17840 sq ft

Date of Commencement


Date of Completion



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