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National Council for Primate Breeding & Research, Sasunavghar - Kalayojan
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National Council for Primate Breeding & Research, Sasunavghar

Located about 49 km from Mumbai in Thane district, the site for this institute is a 25 acre plot of deforested woodland covered by dense greens. A temple lies in the north of the site from where it gently slopes down towards the southwest. An existing road to this temple has been retained in the design and restructured to suit the spatial distribution of the various faculties. The built form flows with the natural terrain on which it stands.


Sasunavghar, Maharashtra

Animal Zone

This zone, where the animals are to be kept, is located such that the stench from the animals would be blown away from the site by the south westerly winds.

Research Labs & Services

This is where the research laboratories and services are located. They flow around the central courtyard which overlooks the amphitheater.

Administration & Auditorium

This is where the administration, conference rooms and auditorium are located in the central part of the site.

Residential Zone

Lying to the rear of the administrative and academic areas, this zone has the staff quarters, guesthouses, hostels, club house and recreational facilities.


All, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Institutional, Masterplan

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