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Proposal For Audyogik Shikshan Engineering And Management, Talegaon - Kalayojan
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Proposal For Audyogik Shikshan Engineering And Management, Talegaon

This management and engineering institute campus for the Audyogik Shikshan Mandal was located at a site off the highway near Talegaon with hills forming the backdrop. The challenge was to fit the expansive requirements of the institute with segregated departments into a long, narrow plot while retaining a visually and physically integrated institutional feel. The buildings are spread throughout the linear plot at a uniform height of ground plus three storeys in separate blocks for different departments. Each department has been given a visual identity by highlighting the entrance foyers. These have been integrated with the vertical circulation and service cores and raised considerably in height, thus enhancing their visual prominence.


The protrusions of tubular forms highlight the entrance-cum-service cores while creating a play of levels in the otherwise straight skyline of the built form. The institute being a training ground for industrial entrepreneurship inspired their shape, like chimneys of a thermal power station.


Talegaon, Maharashtra


All, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Institutional

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