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Vijay Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd., Umargaon - Kalayojan
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Vijay Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd., Umargaon

This factory design is again an attempt at marrying function and aesthetics, making it another departure from standard practices of industrial design. The client needed an additional industrial capacity to accommodate the expansion of their industry after their new found growth. The result was an efficient factory building with apt allocation of spaces for each activity and smooth circulation.


Planned on a grid, the factory design revolves around a circulation spine running the entire length of the narrow plot The functional blocks of the factory are strung along this spine on either side, in a way as to receive light and ventilation from three sides. The open pockets between the blocks accommodate services like the loading platform and the electric substation.


The curtain walled spiral staircase, arched windows and grooved elevation contribute towards making this industrial building a definite departure from mundane factory design and architecture.


(Now Vijay Industries Ltd.)


Navi Mumbai


All, Decade 1 (1986-1999), Industrial

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