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VTU Convention Centre, Mysuru - Kalayojan
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VTU Convention Centre, Mysuru

Convention Center building was proposed to be built in an already given small site in the campus of VTU, Mysuru Center. The challenge was to accommodate various facilities in one building and to design an iconic building on the campus, compared to other buildings which were already designed and built in the earlier phase. It was envisaged to use smaller footprint as compared to the building as above hence the shape, while the design was in progress, was decided to be an oval funnel. Another challenge was to have a column-free auditorium space, with the structural designer’s suggestion to have the columns with longer side perpendicular to the periphery. According to the design requirement, decision was to go for an edge frame allowing the fire escape staircase to run through the web of these columns circumventing the building.




All, Architecture, Date, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Institutional

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