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Redevelopment - Kalayojan
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Having reached a saturation point in terms of virgin lands in Mumbai and other urban centres for expansion of living spaces to cater to the needs of an evergrowing population, the idea of redeveloping existing properties to fit in the excess demand has taken root. The process of redevelopment essentially involves demolition of the existing, old structure to make way for new construction in which excess space can be created by taking advantage of extra TDR and FSI made available on the same plot of land according to the new Development Control Regulations (DCR). Redevelopment benefits not only the city development authorities, but also the developer and the home owners or members of the housing societies.


The new DCR w.e.f. Januray 2012 provides the appropriate technical guidelines for the process of redevelopment of any housing society in Mumbai. According to the DCR, the appointment of a PMC (project management consultant) is mandatory for any redevelopment project. Kalayojan, having an established office in Mulund in Mumbai forming the headquarters of its nationwide architectural practice since the last 25 years, provides complete guidance and services for redevelopment including project management, architecture, municipal liasioning and legal services to any housing society in Mumbai desirous of going in for redevelopment.


Kalayojan’s scope of work for redevelopment services includes

  • Study of existing buildings, structural audit and study of available documents
  • Report on market potential and feasibility study
  • Preparation of tentative architectural plans for proposed new construction
  • Preparation of tender documents for inviting developers
  • Selection of developers, preparation of agreement
  • Post tender project management and construction supervision


We also encourage self development of societies.


Redevelopment Projects presently undertaken by Kalayojan

  • Mulund Giriraj Co-operative Housing Society
  • Nutan-Kalpana Co-operative Housing Society
  • The Mulund Aarati Co-operative Housing Society ltd.
  • Om Shree Laxmi Niketan Co-operative Housing Society ltd.
  • Tirupati Apartments Co-operative Housing Society ltd.
  • Ratnadeep Apartment Co-operative Housing Society ltd.
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