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Bienville_We're Home, New Orleans, USA - Kalayojan
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Bienville_We’re Home, New Orleans, USA

This project was based in the city of New Orleans in an area that was pre dominantly occupied by low income African American community. The focus was to create a new urban fabric which would be vibrant and which promotes harmony between communities. The entire project was envisioned in various phases as shown in these diagrams so as to not completely uproot the existing communities. In the Interstate expressway flyover cuts through the middle of the site. The space below the flyover is beautifully planned to be used for various community function throughout the day and sometimes during the night. Due to this the urban landscape of the area would continuously change and evolve by promoting different community gatherings. New Orleans being the birth place of Jazz Music it was envisioned that during the festival of Madigra the entire street below the flyover would come alive as shown in the picture.




Kevin Howard, Shuo li, Pathik Joshi, Jessica King, Zhao liang


All, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today), Masterplan

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