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Toronto - 2030 - The Missing Link - Kalayojan
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Toronto – 2030 – The Missing Link

-Pathik Joshi
Master of Architecture – Urban Design, Post professional


The MDS is based in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The city of Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in North America and consist of 26% of Canada’s population. The state of Ontario has developed a vision 2030 for the “Golden Horseshoe area” and Toronto acts as the starting point of development. Densification of Urban centers, revitalization of Downtowns, and developing a strong public transport system are some of the main aspects of the Golden Horse shoe plan. This Mds acts as the missing link into an already envisioned waterfront development of the City of Toronto.


The selected site is and old airport called the Billy Bishop Airport or the Small City Airport situated right across downtown. Currently used by civil aviation and Private Jets. This area is one of the priced jewels of the city and will be transformed into a new healthy and socially equitable neighborhood, with good public transport connectivity to the city.


This project proposes a density of 105 dw/hectare, with an introduction of a new urban rail system. The process followed to generate a master plan was a step wise evolution i.e., from site to grid, to roads, to plazas. The idea is to facilitate a new thriving and affordable neighborhood in Downtown Toronto which pro-vides housing for around 50000 people. This project tries to address a new way to generate urban morphology and a new urban fabric by defining certain rules in a dense rapid urbanized environment.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


All, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today), Masterplan

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