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Uptown Mounds - Kalayojan
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Uptown Mounds



cUptown Mounds is Downtown Nashville’s new residential neighborhood. It provides opportunities for healthier urban lifestyles and adapts to the site’s hydrological conditions. This new development helps transitioning towards an urban living that embraces the environment and fosters a healthy community.


This project draws inspiration from the platform mounds built by the indigenous Mississippian culture. They occupied areas along the Mississippi River and its tributaries that were prone to flooding. The Mississippians built mounds to protect their most important and sacred buildings from the water. Uptown Mounds utilizes this design strategy to improve Nashville’s resiliency.


The relationship between nature and the built environment is enhanced at every scale in order to create resiliency. The design of the buildings includes PV panels for energy production and green roofs for residential urban farming. Each block has a sump that collects rainwater from the green roof and the courtyard’s bioswale. This water can be reused for non-potable uses or poured back to the canals.


Nashville, USA


Pathik Joshi, Kevin Howard, Juan Yunda, Clint Nef, Maria Camila Coronado


All, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today), Masterplan

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