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Urban Cool Islands - Kalayojan
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Urban Cool Islands

For cities in extreme hot, arid climates thermal comfort is perhaps the most prominent factor that dictates the use of outdoor space. While vernacular cities arranged themselves in ways to ameliorate heat, they failed to accommodate technology and modern modes of transport. Therefore, this model was abandoned and cities were planned based on foreign principles derived from milder climates.


Thus, contemporary cities in this region suffer from an exceptionally severe amplification of heat in the form of Urban Heat Islands (UHI), and because temperatures are regularly above 400 C this has a catastrophic impact on the outdoor space.


To mitigate the effect of the UHIs, this research investigates methods based on evaporative cooling and shading within cities located in the hot, arid region. This is carried out through a calibration between building arrangement, vegetation, and water. Further, it explores the scale and morphology at which outdoor spaces can occur based on what thermal comfort allows. As park is to mild climates, Urban Cool Islands is to hot ones.


Kuwait City, Kuwait


Abhilasha Porwal and Shahd Abdelmoneim


All, Date, Decade 3 (2010-today), Masterplan

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