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Electronic Sadan, Navi Mumbai - Kalayojan
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Electronic Sadan, Navi Mumbai

A standard factory unit with galas for the electronic industry at TTC Electronics Zone, Navi Mumbai, this factory design was the winning entry at the design competition floated by MIDC.


The building has 3 sizes of galas to accommodate different sizes of factories, with the larger galas on the ground floor. This translates as a podium-&-tower type structure with a broad base and slender upper structure.


The plan is linear owing to the rectangular plot with two main entrances located exactly opposite the two service entries. Main entrances open directly to curtainwalled staircases and lifts leading to upper floors. Goods lifts and toilets are grouped around the two service entries forming the service cores. A corridor running the entire length of the building leads to galas on either sides. Lightwells at intervals along this corridor ensure a supply of ample light and ventilation to both the galas and the corridor.


The height of this ground + 3 storey structure is restricted to 15 m due to stringent MIDC guidelines, but a 3 m level difference between the two ends of the plot allows a basement of one third the typical floor area to be tucked in.


The beautifully canopied entrance porches and the glass curtain walls enclosing the fire escape staircases add to the aesthetics of this building and attempt to enhance the quality of standard industrial architecture as it is practiced.


Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Completion Year


Built-up Area

34155.25 sq.m.


All, Decade 1 (1986-1999), Industrial

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