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Megacoat Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nashik - Kalayojan
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Megacoat Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nashik

A small electroplating unit located at in MIDC’s Ambad industrial Area at Nashik, it houses the main workshop, store, laboratories and office of the client, who is a friend of the architect. This project too is an attempt at introducing a new vitality and work-conducive atmospherics to the standard practice of factory design.


Being located at the foothills of the Sahyadris, the site is contoured making way for split level planning. The main workshop occupies the highest level, followed by laboratories, stores, staff and other rooms at lower levels connected by a continuous corridor which ends at the client’s office. The vaulted roof of this corridor in split levels affords clear-storey semi-circulars cut outs which keep it well lighted.


Great emphasis was laid on the workshop design to make optimum use of available space and ensure efficient streamlining. This is achieved by the introduction of an overhead RCC platform to accommodate more rectifier units, running all around the workshop. By this arrangement, input of raw material, processing and output of finished product is efficiently and smoothly streamlined.


The client’s office room is a large circular affair on the first floor with a terrace sit-out viewing the distant hills. The pyramidal roof of the workshop, the vaulted roof of the corridor and the circular office wall together give a sculpted effect to this piece of industrial architecture.


Nashik, Maharashtra


Mr. Rahul Nigam


Completed, March 1999

Plot Area

1000sq. m

Built-up Area

450sq. m


15 lakhs

Principal Architect

Ar. Sanjay Porwal

Design Team

Minaxi Nair

Structural Consultant

System consultant pvt ltd.


All, Decade 1 (1986-1999), Industrial

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