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Karnataka State Women's University, Bijapur - Kalayojan
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Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur

Another of Kalayojan’s winning entries in various design competitions, the campus design for Karnataka State Womens’ University at Torvi in Bijapur district of Karnataka state is an ongoing project. Our scope of work in this institutional project includes site layout and design of the main administration building and the compound wall with a grand entrance gateway.


The site for the administration building had been identified on the university masterplan, the layout, landscape and design of the administration building was then carried out keeping in mind the site conditions, climatological factors and the brief of requirements. As is our usual practice, we have drawn heavily upon local architectural influences and also on traditional Indian symbolism and cosmology to arrive at the apt built form and imagery. The fact that it is a womens’ university has also affected the final shape of the built forms for this college campus in their smooth, curvilinear appearance and slenderness of proportions.


The central court of the administration building is covered by an atrial crystal dome, which is reflective of the local historical Gol Gumbaz, treated with the femininity of glass. The circular perforated wall around the building is a binding element integrating the straight edged cubes of various sections of the administration into a single entity.


The boundary wall and gateway to the university campus are reflective of the bara Kaman, a local historical landmark. The arches in the arcade have been modified into slender proportions more suited to a womens’ university campus.


Torvi, Bijapur


All, Decade 3 (2010-today), Institutional

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