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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Raigad - Kalayojan
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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Raigad

The Government of Maharashtra was exploring the possibilities of setting up a Technological University for the Konkan area in the state in which work had progressed to a point where there were some completed buildings and some under construction on a land of over 250 hectares, at Lonere, in Raigad district. The University then invited pre-qualified architects to prepare a campus master plan.


Kalayojan architects, who are campus planning specialists, studied the site, weather conditions and economic conditions and the industrial development of the region thoroughly before coming up with the campus design proposal. The University would train rural youth in skills that would prepare them to eventually lead the industrial projects and schemes in this region. It was hence perceived as necessary to create an atmosphere conducive to the overall development of a student in every aspect.


Lonere is an ideal location that provides just that little isolation from the hubbub of city life that is so necessary to academic life and its pursuit of research and contemplation. The campus design had to accommodate the existing buildings, which were haphazardly placed, and integrate them in a rational design.


The design evolved from the major zoning pattern and the site configuration, focal points and existing vehicular network. The existing hostels were found to be more suitable as a convention / delegation zone, than for residential students. A helipad was located near the Convention Centre for better access to the delegation centre and the prime core of the University i.e. Administrative zone.


The major nodes of the master plan are: the grand pedestrian plaza and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Park at the entry of the campus, consisting of administrative building, bank of knowledge, Kala Kendra, Gurumandal and Union Centre. All integrated academic buildings by the secured corridor system forming a pedestrian network sheltering the students / staff from natural discomforts and generating freedom of movement, Students amenities and recreational zone and the totally independent central business district of the township.


The university design highlights are a grand pedestrian plaza and an elaborate park named after Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, covered pedestrian corridors integrating entire campus with minimum vehicular disturbance, a grand convention centre with helipads, a public transport terminus at the entry of the campus with provision for fuel intake station, a new VIP guest house on the hill for a spectacular view of the campus, a reserved forest acting as an ecological balance of the total environment of the campus and a design concept with maximum natural ventilation by play of solids.


Lonere, Raigad District


All, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Institutional, Masterplan

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