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Niharika Bunglow, Nasik - Kalayojan
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Niharika Bunglow, Nasik

‘Beyond Known Frontiers’ being the client’s motto in life and business, with a ‘larger than life’ attitude to all that he ever touched, his residence designed by this reputed architect is aptly unique and experimental in built form, pattern and proportion.


‘Niharika’ is the form that attempts to serve the function of being as close to nature as possible. Located near the banks of the Godavari at Nashik, this residential design is an unpretentious effort at creating a fluid, seamless interweave of the raw, rugged exteriors with plush, comfortable interiors.


The house plan, as is apparent in the footprint of the bungalow, is akin to an open palm of the hand, all fingers equally exposed to and allowing in the entry of the five elements of nature. The main spaces like the living and dining areas are actually located on the pool, which surrounds an entire side of the house. Transparent panels in the flooring of these rooms allow the water to be seen flowing under the feet of the occupants. A waterbody within the living room with stone steps to go across and glass sliding doors followed by a deck which lead to the pool outside physically connect one indoors with the outdoors. A huge glass wall opens out two floors, having the dining room below and the master’s suite above, to a magnificent panoramic view of the entire site in the foreground and the Godavari river in the background. This arrangement allows the master a visual command over his estate even as he enjoys sleeping under the stars.


Whether it is the family room overlooking the living room or the huge sliding gate adorned by a beautiful painting which opens out to a view of the Godavari visible through the glass face of the living room, the intention is to connect with nature either physically or visually. Sunlight is allowed several unconventional entries like the glass panels all along the curvature of the roof and a royal welcome through the glass walls. The light panels along the roofline accentuate the built form when viewed at night. The connect with water is through the sound of the waterfall cascading down from the roof and the sight of it flowing all around, inside and even under the floor. Large, well positioned openings coupled with the open internal house plan ensure a continual movement of breeze inside. The earth is visible in all its beauty in the beautifully landscaped garden outside and the exteriors beyond. This house offers an unhampered experience of the beautiful night sky even from its interiors. Thus, all the five elements of nature have been drawn into ‘Niharika’ as is symbolised by the collage of these elements adorning the front door.


Details like a piano ledge next to the glass wall overlooking the pool, the mural on the living room wall and stone and terracotta seating in shapes like a ‘tabla’ in the garden have been used to bring out the musical metaphor to this experience. The earthy colour of the living room is accentuated by the use of whites in patterns which do not get restricted to any particular shape or scheme. ‘Niharika’ has thus been a very fulfilling creative experience in residential architecture for Kalayojan architects.


The footprint of the bungalow is like the spread of an open palm, trying to capture the largest possible portion of the outdoors into the built form of the house. This enables three sides of any living space, be it the dining room, living room or the bed room, to open out to nature.


All living areas, viz. the living room, bedrooms, dining room and the bed and family rooms upstairs, on the Niharika layout are occupy prime locations with respect to the outdoor view. All service areas, including the kitchen, are placed on the approach side of the building. Thus, a constant, unimpeded view of the outdoors is maintained irrespective of which living area one is present in.


Nasik, Maharashtra


Private residence

Built-up Area

709.85 sq. m.

Project Cost

Rs. 150 lakhs

Date of Commencement

May 2004

Date of Completion

November 2005


All, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Interior, Residential

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