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Visvesvaraya Technological University, Mysore - Kalayojan
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Visvesvaraya Technological University, Mysore

The southern regional center for the Vishveshwaraya Technological University of Karnataka is located on a contoured 8 acre site in the green and peaceful city of Mysore. As compared to their other regional centers, this site is relatively small calling for a higher density of built form to fit in the expansive requirements. Having decided to restrict the building height to a maximum of five floors, the layout was conceived as an interweave of built forms and interconnected open courts. This makes the entire campus totally pedestrianized, except for the peripheral track allowing access to all the buildings, helped by the roads surrounding the site on three sides. A valley formed by the slight dip in levels along the center line of the site has been used to locate the recreational facilities that form the interface between the residential and academic areas.

The Library Building on the Mysore campus is again emphasized by its unique shape of a truncated pyramid. Two north faces of this pyramid are entirely glazed throughout the four levels allowing ample north light in for comfortable reading. The floor areas reduce with ascending levels creating interesting Overlooking floors.

The interface between the buildings of VTU,Mysore and the outdoors is punctuated with colonnaded Passages at various levels, as is often seen in local historical buildings in Mysore.


Mysore, Karnataka


Visveswaraya Technological University


Campus for Eastern Regional Centre for VTU

Site Area

About 17 acres

Built-up Area

33998.48 sq. m

Commencement Date

April 2012

Completion Date

Under construction

Public Health

Jitendra Mistry, M/s Public Engineering


All, Decade 2 (2000-2009), Institutional, Masterplan

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