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Reserve Bank of India “Holiday Homes”, Lonavala - Kalayojan
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Reserve Bank of India “Holiday Homes”, Lonavala

The design was conceptualised in such a manner that one enters into welcoming square open courtyard shaded by old trees- an archway to one side with parking behind, the long wall in front offering tantalising sneak glimpses of the inner zones, and the porous box of the entrance structure to the other. This box touches the offices and lecture room behind and leads to the central focus- a linear strip of green and water flanked by the stay and leisure zone on either side. This linear strip starts with a wooden deck, then self-sustained pond with lilies, lotus, etc. followed by children pool and then lap pool. The linear sloping roof shading the houses with colonnade along the water further reinforces its centrality.



Lonavala, Maharashtra


All, Decade 3 (2010-today), Hospitality, Residential

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